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Chris Lytle (30-17-5) continues his win-streak with a big win over the former champion, Matt Serra (11-7)  by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) avenging a defeat in his hometown.

Round One:
Serra comes out throwing to Lytle’s stomach over and over. Both men look to throw leather as they promised they would. Serra ducks under many of Lytleas punches, but does catch Serra with two big punches, one of which leaves a small cut above the left eye. Serra lands two big hits shots, but Lytle seems unaffected. The two continue to trade till the end with Lytle looking to get the best of it. Serra’s left eye looks to be beaten.

Round Two:
The two come out with the same game plan to bang. Serra gets caught and slips down, but pops right up, nailing Lytle in return. They continually trade without any leg kicks. Lytle starts to swing widely for the fences missing all four hay-makers.  A few close hooks catch Serra, but he continues forward getting tagged over and over. Serra refuses to go down. Serra is wobbly with thirty seconds but survives the round bloody.

Round Three:
Serra looks shaken and tired. The two come out and hug then get into stance with the striking show returning. Serra’s corner yells for him to stay in the pocket. He listens and gets caught with a few. Serra fails a single leg take-down. Serra  starts to use the kicks but it looks to be too late as not much energy is behind it. Serra tries another kick and gets caught with a hook on the chin. The two continue to trade throughout the end of the fight, putting on an amazing fight. Lytle looks to have once again got the best of the trades.

Lytle  has now won six of his last seven in the UFC. Those wins include top fighters, Matt Brown (2x), Brian Foster, Paul Taylor, and now former champion Matt Serra.

Lytle may now have a valid argument to be part of the top welterweight division. One more big name win may possibly get Lytle a title shot in the highly competitive UFC welterweight division.