The Oregon gangster, Chael Sonnen will look to reverse his one year suspension for a failed PED’s test following his fight against middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

The official failed test by Sonnen was reported to be for unnaturally high levels of testoterone. This according to the California State Athletic Comission (CSAC) is indicative of steroid use. In the wake of this, Sonnen has taken advantage of his right to appeal in the 30-days after notice.  Sonnen will stand before the court December 2nd to explain his side of the story.

Interestingly, according to CSAC Executive Director George Dodd, Sonnen was flagged first on Sept. 2 after an initial PED test revealed the presence of a performance-enhancer. A second, more-rigorous test conducted at the UCLA’s Olympic Analytical Laboratory confirmed the results. The laboratory is used by the U.S. Olympic Committee and is the world’s largest World Anti-Doping Agency-certified facility.

Sonnen has requested documentation from the test, including all relevant info from the WADA lab, for the Dec. 2 hearing.

The CSAC will assign someone to represent its interests at the hearing, according to Dodd.

Source: MMAJunkie