The Oregon Gangster, Chael Sonnen can’t catch a break as again he is refused his license as his past suspension expires and now placed on an “indefinite administrative suspension” by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). Reason being, according to CSAC Executive Director George Dodd, via MMAWeekly:

“It’s based off two things. One, his pleading guilty to his felony conviction up in Oregon, as well as possibly providing false testimony during his hearing back in December.”

What Dodd is referring to is the fact that during his TRT replacement hearing with the CSAC, Sonnen claimed to have been approved for TRT replacement by NSAC executive director Keith Kizer. Kizer would later publicly say it was an outright lie, leaving Sonnen to say it was his manager that told him Kizer said it was cleared. On top of this, Sonnen recently did plead guilty to money laundering (‘Oregon Gangster‘) as part of a plea bargain to stay out of jail , paying a hefty fine and given community service.

The North American Athletic Commissions are now set to share the same National Database. Meaning for Sonnen to be able to fight in the U.S. or Canada again, he will need to first stand before the commission on May 18 and sweet talk his way back in their good graces then plea with Keith Kizer in a follow-up to the NSAC hearing at an undetermined date at this time.