During a recent guest appearance on ESPN’s MMA Live, Chael Sonnen talked about the alleged talks of Brock Lesnar trying to escape his UFC contract.

“Listen, Brock’s got an obligation to the UFC. And what someone needs to explain to Brock is that deals go both ways — you can’t just take and not give back. Brock needs to honor his deal. Look, Vince McMahon may have been willing to forgive you, but Dana White will not. On the other hand, If I got stomped out in three minutes by a guy who I outweighed by 50 pounds [Cain Velasquez], I’d think about quitting, too…. There’s not a whole lot of guys who can beat Brock Lesnar. At the same time, there’s never going to be a scenario where Brock Lesnar closes the gap that is insurmountable against Cain Velasquez. I think he can be number two and be number two for a while. But I don’t think he wants to do it. And I think that’s okay, too. But if you have an obligation and you made a deal with Zuffa, honor your obligation.”