UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen won the Republican primaries yesterday with a 99.13%  of the vote. Perhaps the landslide had a little to do with the fact that no other Republican candidates were facing the UFC superstar.

Sonnen will now not only be facing Anderson Silva come August, but Democratic nominee Scott Bruun for Oregon’s House of Rep seat.

Sonnen, the 33 year old native of West Linn, Oregon  told mmajunkie.com recently that the State of Oregon was in need of change.

“The taxes (in Oregon) are out of control now. Spending is out of control now. We’ve got people in the government that really believe it’s their job to create jobs. It’s not. Government is supposed to create an environment where people like me and people like you will create jobs.”

With the elections taking place November 2, and taking on the biggest fight of his career against undisputed middleweight champion Anderson Silva on August 7, Sonnen has his hands full.

“I don’t find time; I make time,” Sonnen said. “If it means I’ve got to sleep less, then it means I’ve got to sleep less. Right now, that’s what it is. I got my last workout of the day in [recently] at a little past midnight. I walked out my door to start my run. That’s what you have to do.”