The always cocky Chael Sonnen explains that he is only in this sport for the gold [UFC Belt]. Says if belt was not in the sport he would quit and everyone else should to. There is a locker room full of cowards and noone wants to fight Silva or me.” Sonnen actually shows respect to one fighter though and it is a good choice as he explains that the UFC legend Randy Couture could defeat him.

“He’s a good fighter [Anderson Silva], and he’s the champion, I am the best fighter in this company[UFC] excluding Couture. Couture could beat me. Aside from that I am the best fighter in the UFC.”

Sonnen goes on to explain that he is envious of Silva, he would trade places in a heart beat. “I would get beat-up for four-and-a-half round to comeback and get the win. He did what he needed.”