Following some tests conducted today on former UFC interim heavyweight champion Shane Carwin, the fighter’s doctor thinks he may have bronchitis. Carwin tweeted about the news earlier;

“35 may be the new 90… My Dr thinks I have Bronchitis (life long non smoker). Look for the Carwin Mobility Chair in stores soon!” Carwin wrote.

What is bronchitis exactly? It is the inflamati0n of the mucus membranes of the bronchi (the airways that carry airflow from the windpipe) to the lungs. A mild case would cause congestion in the chest and coughing.

And what could have caused this? Many say the reason for it was also the reason for Carwin’s loss…Lesnar’s brutal arm triangle. This move is a major irritant to the area where bronchitis most often occurs.

Carwin hasn’t come out and said that the illness is result of Saturday night’s fight or if it was pre-existing,   but one can speculate that it may have had something to do with it.