The former WEC champion, Carlos Condit is looking for a new challenger following a big first round KO over former number one contender, Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy. During an interview with MMAWeekly Radio Condit had this to say about his future in the UFC.

“I think Fitch, that would be a great fight.  I think his game plan would be similar to (GSP’s) game plan. Wrestler probably try to take me down, and if I could deal with that then that is maybe a marker for how I might do in a title match.

“I’d have to work my butt off, but I like a challenge.”

Jon Fitch is the man that has been floating through the UFC middleweight division as of late with five straight wins over top opponents. Should his AKA partner Josh Koscheck take the belt from Georges St. Pierre in December, Fitch has said he would start his two year journey up to middleweight. On top of that, the newest addition to the UFC, Jake Shields has been almost guaranteed the next shot over Fitch leaving Fitch with a needed opponent. The fight makes sense for a Condit – Fitch, and the UFC does take match-up requests, so we may just see these two face off sooner than later.

Source: MMAWeekly