The number one UFC heavyweight, Cain Velasquez has proudly came out to a popular Mexican song, Los Mandados, by Vicente Fernandez as of late. The songs features lyrics telling the story of an illegal immigrant crossing the border, only to be caught time and time again. Perhaps an Ode to Velasquez’s Father, Efrain Velasquez. Efrain says he crossed illegally seven times before successfully making it to the US. Once Efrain made it across the border, he worked difficult jobs in the Salinas Hills picking fruits and vegetables for a living, supporting his three children. Here are the lyrics to that song.

Cruce el Rio Grande nadando – I swam across the Rio Grande
sin importarme dos reales – Without making a fuss
me echo la migra pa’ fuera – The border patrol threw me back out
y fui a caer a Nogales – And I landed in Nogales
entre por otra frontera – I entered by another border crossing
y que me habientan pa’ Juarez… – And then I was thrown out to Juarez

De ahi me fui a Tamaulipas – Here I headed to Tamaulipas
y me cole por Laredo – and sneaked through Laredo
me dizfrase de gabacho – I disguised myself as a White boy
y me pinte el pelo guero… – and dyed my hair blonde
y como no hablaba ingles – But since I didn’t speak English
que me retachan de nuevooo… – once again I was thrown out

La migra a mi me agarro The border patrol has caught me
300 veces digamos, Say 300 times
pero jamas me domo, But they haven’t tamed me
a mi me hizo los mandados, They can’t get the best of me
los golpes que a mi me dio The beatings I took
se los cobre a sus paisanos Were later paid back to their countrymen

Source: Watch Kalib Run