Almost all fighters in the UFC have some sort of tattoo, and most have an interesting story to go with it. Cain Velasquez is no exception.

“Brown Pride” is tattooed in very large ‘Olde English’ style across the length of his upper chest. But why did he get this? It’s safe to say Velasquez is proud of his Mexican heritage and wants everyone to know;

“I got my tattoo because I wanted people to know I was Mexican and that I was doing good things with my life. I’m really proud of what I went through to get where I am. Growing up, there wasn’t anyone in the media [who was of Mexican decent] who I could look up to. There wasn’t anyone who looked like me [in the media], so I never thought I would do something good. I figured I would just go out and join the regular work force. I never thought I’d make a career out of wrestling or fighting. I just wanted everyone to say I was just like them and that I was good at what I did.”

“I did it (as a tribute to) my dad and all he did to get over here. He gave me something to look up to when I was little,” Velasquez said. “I’m proud of my roots and where I come from. We’re hard workers. I love that. I love everything about my culture.”

You would think most people of Mexican decent would be happy to have someone be so proud of where they came from. One would also think that the tattoo wouldn’t bother fans of other cultures either. On first glance, this would NOT seem to be the case.

One issue that is brought up is the fact that Cain’s father, whom the tattoo is a tribute to, is an illegal alien.

A few people feel that Velasquez owes some sort of recognition to America, after all, he wouldn’t have had all the opportunities he has been given if he grew up in Mexico.

The Las Vegas Review journal did a piece on Velasquez and had some negative backlash towards the fighter. Here is one of the many negative comments left about Cain on the LVRJ article;

“Velasquez looks up tp this father, an illegal immigrant. I can understand a son revering his father. It is a nice touch. If his father had not immigrated illegally, then Cain would not have had the advantages, such as attending college (All American at Arizona State)and being groomed for his athletic career. No, he would be sitting in the dirt in Mexico just another Mexican in a dirt poor country.

Don’t you think he owes some pride and patriotism to the United States of America? I do. Until he does admit some fondness for this country, his efforts will fall on deaf ears. Who cares about an ethnic person who shows no gratitude to America?”

I have read on a few forums as wells as in articles that many feel that Cain Velasquez tattoo is ‘gang related.’  White people are upset to have a “gangster” in the octagon and Mexican-Americans feel that he may be giving their culture a bad name. Velasquez laughs it off though and says the tattoo has nothing to with a gang, he is just proud to be brown..simply put.

At first glance, it seemed to me that many fans were heated over Cain’s tattoo, but once I delved into it though, many Mexican-American fans felt proud to have Velasquez represent them in the sport. It was unfortunately a few narrow-minded people who were bothered by the fact that he could get away with a “Brown Pride” tat and say… GSP would be in deep shit for a “White Pride” tattoo.

Once again it’s those few people who get others stirred into a frenzy about something seemingly insignificant. After reading many articles and comments, the overall feeling on Cain’s tattoo is one of either pride or apathy.  But of course it’s always the crazies who get noticed, not the ones who really could care less.

“The one key thing about Cain Velasquez in that (Mexican) market is they’ve never had a heavyweight champion in anything. So if this guy can win the heavyweight championship, it would be big.”-Dana White

And to end this article on a positive note, Dana White says he’s good for business…and if I recall correctly, White is well…WHITE. I’m just sayin…