Jiu-Jitsu legend Rodrigo Medeiros had nothing but good things to say about his heavyweight pupil Brock Lesnar. Medeiro’s expressed his confidence to Sherdog.com when asked about his thoughts on Lesnar’s upcoming challenge against Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 in October (Anaheim, CA).

“Cain Velasquez is a great fighter; he has a great level of Muay Thai and wrestling. I’m confident in Brock, and I think he’s the best heavyweight in the world. We’ll outline a strategy, make a plan and train, and I’m sure we’ll win this challenge. It’s a big challenge. Velasquez is an excellent athlete.”

When asked about the aspects that were and would be worked on in camp Medeiro said:

“The important thing is teamwork,” Medeiros said. “Don’t forget that if he had not trained his boxing, perhaps he could not have withstood such punishment. If the guy’s wrestling wasn’t there, he could not have taken down his opponent and would not have had the opportunity. It’s teamwork.”

How the training would be handled for the undefeated challenger Velasques:

“This time, he made the training camp a little longer, with some intervals,” Medeiros said. “The camp typically lasts two months, but he made it four months. I thought this position would marry well with his game. It’s a position I’ve been practicing a lot with students in my gym in Chicago.

“We always have to be careful when we’re working with a top athlete, because there are tendencies with all coaches,” he added. “I want the submission. The boxing coach wants the knockout. The Muay Thai coach expects low kicks and knees.”

Source: Sherdog.com