Last week top heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko made the statement that he didn’t much care for the UFC. Today, UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar stated that he wasn’t too fond of Fedor.

During a conference call, Lesnar was asked if he would be watching this weekend’s fight when Fedor would take on Fabricio Werdum. Lesnar responded sarcastically, “I didn’t even know he was fighting.”

It was unsure if Lesnar was kidding or not, but he made no bones about his feelings on the possibility of Fedor retiring.

“Good for Fedor, I hope he does retire.” Lesnar commented. “He’s the greatest champion of all time. He’s the greatest champion ever, of all time, in his own little world. Good for him.”

And when asked if he would ever fight Fedor, Lesnar answered with a definite “absolutely, I can beat anybody.”