The ‘All American’ Marine , Brian Stann (10-3)  pulls out the victory over the heavy favorite, Chris Leben early. Here is your play-by-play:

Round One:
The two touch gloves and square off. Leben gets caught by a counter top of the forehead after a missed kick. The two continue to try to throw hooks but no lands . Stann gets the clinch and slips some punches. Leben lands a clean uppercut in the clinch. Stann gets Leben to the fence. The two trade and Leben gets gets caugh and dropped but able to recover but Stann continue to attack  and follows up with a knee that drops Leben again. Stann continues attacking and ref Josh Rosenthol asks Leben to fight back but he is unable to.

Brian Stann wins by TKO at 3:37 of round one.

Stann a former WEC light heavyweight champion has now accomplished his second straight victory in the Octagon. The brawler now holds victories over Mike Massenzio, Rodney Wallace, Steve Cantwell, and Doug Marshall.