UFC lightweight champ told Sherdog recently that he is seriously considering moving up to the welterweight division. He stated that is most likely will be a gradual move where he will be taking fights in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions over a period of time.

“If everything goes well, I’d definitely consider moving up to 170,” Penn stated. “Not that it’s 100 percent guaranteed, but I’m thinking about it. If I do move, I’m going to move slow. I’m not going to rush anything. I’d think about it as testing the waters, maybe do something like Anderson is doing [at light heavyweight].”

Penn has been successful in other weight divisions before, but his last attempt at welterweight didn’t go as well. Current welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre took down Penn in round four of the main title event at UFC 94.

But this time it may prove to be even more difficult for BJ to do well in the 170 pound division. He will have to make his way through some great fighters such as Josh Koscheck, Paulo Tiago, Thiago Alves, Paul Daley, Matt Serra and Jon Fitch, to name just a very few. Although Penn won’t be expected to fight some of the “lower” fighters of the weight class, he won’t be handed a title shot right away, as he was before with GSP. He will most likely need three to four wins over some of the best fighters to be considered for a title shot in that division. Penn is not doubt an amazing fighter and many fans have faith he will do better in this go-around of the welterweight class.