First it’s reported that Jon Fitch is forced out of UFC 132 with a severe shoulder injury and now B.J. Penn has also officially pulled from the card with an undisclosed injury leaving the top welterweight contender slot open. Rumors of a possible Carlos Condit stepping in to battle Penn can now be put to rest as the bouts been postponed. Should a possible new top contender bout be organized in the interim?

With the welterweights top contender still undiscovered and the middleweight also still in turmoil, the stars look to still be aligning for a possible ‘super-fight’ between middleweight champ Anderson Silva and welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre. St-Pierre will be battling his toughest challenge in Jake Shields at UFC 129 at the end of April, and should he continue his reign, the super-fight will likely be booked said UFC president Dana White.