During a recent interview the former lightweight champ, BJ Penn said he would consider a move back to 170 lb. following the outcome of his upcoming fight.

“There’s definitely a wait and see till after this fight, but there’s always much to accomplish anyways,” said Penn.

Penn followed up by pointing out that a division is never really ‘cleared out,’ there will always be some other newcomer on the horizon.

“Even if you do clean out the division, then you go to welterweight for a little while, there’s going to be another new Frankie, and all these guys. They’re always going to be popping up,” explained Penn.

Should Penn decide to move up in class? Losing three of his four attempts at the division, one could argue Penn does not carry the same success in the welterweight division as he does in the light weight division. Penn has shown in the past though that he can be successful at heavier classes, fighting at middleweight against Renzo Gracie, Rodrigo Gracie, and even former light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida at 191 lb.

Source: MMAWeekly