Not many people would get tired of hearing that they are not only the greatest, but untouchable as well, unless of course you’re BJ Penn, and then you don’t want to hear any of that.

“First of all, no one is untouchable,” Penn stated. “If they are they just haven’t run into the right guy.”

And although Penn was taken down by Frankie Edgar in the first go-around, he wants to prove that he has little bit of “The Prodigy” left in him when he takes on Edgar once again next Saturday at UFC 118.

But Penn says not about having the title, or even being the best in the lightweight class, it’s just about getting his revenge on Edgar.

I don’t know if I sit there and say ‘well, I’m happy that Frankie’s a worthy opponent.’ One thing he did was wake me up, and makes me realize it never stops. When you hear people say ‘you’re the greatest of all time and this and that’ it’s sh*t. It’s not real. It’s fake,” Penn said.

“Being a champion is fake, all that, it’s all fake. You’ve got to go out there, you’ve got to keep training, training as hard as you can, and keep winning fights.”

Oddly enough, Penn didn’t change much about his workout routine in getting ready for his big match with Edgar. The only change up is him bringing in DREAM featherweight champ Bibiano Fernandes to help out. But Penn knows one thing is for certain..
“The only thing that’s real is the fight. Everything else is fake.”