Wolfslair training partner Michael Bisping tells ESPN.co.uk Rampage Jackson went from three rounds of sparring to six this training camp with much improved endurance. If you had a chance to catch the UFC 130 countdown you would have seen Rampage did in fact bring in a nutritionist and added swimming to his cardio regiment to improve on stamina. Bisping also hinted at Rampages preparation for a possible match-up with Jon Jones should Rampage come out of UFC 130 victorious against Matt “The Hammer” Hamill.

“Rampage is training his ass off, he always says he’s not a fan of training, but he’s been doing six hard rounds of sparring. I usually only do three! He wants his title back, no disrespect to Matt Hamill because he’s a fantastic fighter but it didn’t initially look like he would put Rampage into immediate contention. Now the fight is definitely happening, Rampage is committed and training really hard. He’ll be able to fight hard for three rounds. He’s focused and on Saturday he’ll kick ass. Matt’s a great wrestler and he’ll try to take him down, but Rampage has crazy power, and if he lets his fists fly he’ll knock him out. He’s training like a crazy guy, he’s training three or four times a day. If he gets the job done against Hamill, he’ll do everything in his power to beat Jon Jones.”