It seems Michael “The Count” Bisping was not pleased with his counter-parts performance on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Bisping explains that he was disappointed that Sonnen was unable to participate instead.

“Miller’s mouth is bigger than his brain,” Bisping said on The MMA¬†Hour. “I definitely get the upper hand throughout the entire season. I’m not talking about the fights, I’m just talking about the one-on-one interaction with Miller.”

“I was a little disappointed it wasn’t Chael Sonnen. I think a lot of fans wanted to see that. But he had his personal problems and it wasn’t meant to be. Miller, I wasn’t as excited.”

“At the start of the season I thought (Mayhem) was an OK guy. By the end of the season I wanted to kill him. Fortunately, December 3 I’ll have my opportunity.”

“Ideal scenario would be beat Miller, get a title shot, win the world title.”