Junior Dos Santos head trainer Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira aka ‘Big Nog’ tells Fighters Only Magazine that JDS will be receiving his black belt prior to his fight against Brock Lesnar. Furthermore, Brock Lesnar will not be able to stand with JDS, according to coach Nogueira as JDS has the best hands in the division right now.

(2:28 mark) Brock Lesnar can’t stop Dos Santos. Dos Santos is really good right now. He has fast hands … Dos Santos he is a brown belt jiu-jitsu, he’s going to get his black belt before the fight and he’s great on the ground too. I see the guy improves every fight; he’s getting better, better. He has very good submissions and he’s going to show that in this fight, if they go to the ground.

“I think he can’t survive with Junior standing up. That truly what it is. Junior is the best heavyweight striking in the game right now. Brock can’t sttop him standing up.”

“Brock is a very good wrestler; we know that, so Junior is training a lot of sprawls and defense.
But he’s very good on the ground; I think he can surprise everyone with some submission.”

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Source: FightersOnlyMagazine