During an interview with former middleweight boxing champion Bernard Hopkins, Hopkins was asked to touch on the subject of Toney taking on UFC legend Randy Couture at the upcoming UFC 118 card.

“I think James Toney is going to get his ass kicked… Listen, James Toney is out of his league. James Toney is James Toney in boxing. You gotta bow down to that, that’s the man. His record speaks for itself. He’s done well, he’s done more than well in boxing, but when you step out into a situation against a legend in his own sport, I believe and I’ll go on record, the best MMA guy or UFC guy goes up against the best boxer in the world, in their arena … gets their ass kicked. I don’t care if it’s Floyd (Mayweather), (Manny) Pacquiao or Bernard Hopkins, they get their ass kicked. It’s not what we do…”