Recent middleweight top contender, Alan Belcher coming off optical damage that was close to ending his career is already called for a new challenger. Belcher feels he is ready to defeat the future hall of famer, Wanderlei Silva.

“I want to fight Wanderlei Silva, and I think he needs to fight someone like me. A top young guy, to really stay in the mix,” he said. “He needs to do that to stay a legit fighter and not just a legend selling pay-per-views because he has a name. He has to fight me to stay up there.”

Belcher said it’s a fight he’s wanted for a long time, since before the two were even in the UFC together. Now, though, he thinks it’s perfect timing, with both men coming off injuries and with something to prove.

The winner of four of his last five fights, Belcher (16-6) also looks at the match as one of those times in a young fighter’s career when he must step up to face a legend and defeat him to continue his own rise.

“I think a passing of the torch is the perfect way to put it,” he said.

“I feel I’m better than him,” he continued. “Wanderlei definitely poses a threat because he hits hard, is aggressive and has good conitioning, but at this point, I am more technical, well-rounded and I can beat him in any part of the game. I’m not saying it will be an easy fight, but I believe I can beat him and I’m ready to let the fans see what they want to see and prove that I’m that caliber. I want to make myself a legend off of this fight.”

Source: MMAFighting