With his upcoming middleweight bout against Chael Sonnen next weekend, Anderson Silva’s belt is on the line again. And after this bout, Silva says he doesn’t plan to take on the champs from other weight classes as many fans have hoped for.

And Silva says no matter what’s thrown his way, he’s happy with where he’s at and plans to retire at middleweight.

“I haven’t gotten bored,” Silva stated on a UFC 117 media conference call. “I like my sport, I like my weight division that I fight in, and I’m prepared to stay in my weight division.”

Even though Silva has moved up to 205lbs. before, where did quite well defeating both Forrest Griffin as well as James Irvin, “The Spider” reiterates that he’s not planning on a change at all.

Many fans have discussed a super-fight between Silva and Georges St. Pierre, and although that is a tempting prospect, Silva wants to just focus on beating Chael Sonnen first.

“What I’m really thinking about is the fight, my fight next week. I’m not really thinking much further than that,” Silva stated.

And when asked if he will EVER change weight classes, Silva pretty much answered with a big NO. Through his coach Ed Soares, Silva states he wants to retire where he’s had the most success.

“He said that he wants to retire fighting in his weight category,” translated Soares.

Although Silva says he won’t move up or down in weight classes, I’m sure at some point he’ll run out of fighters he feels suitable to take him on, but only time will tell…