Perhaps bad news for Yushin Okami as we’ve seen in the past what happens when Anderson Silva feels disrespected by an opponent [Maia, Sonnen, Belfort etc.]. Silva explains that he believes the illegal upkick he landed on Okami in their first bout was not enough to warrant Okami to say he could not continue, causing the disqualification.

“I was a little surprised with his reaction to that [upkick],” Silva told Tatame. “Do I think he could have continued? I do think he could have continued. But he had the rules in his favor. I did an illegal kick and he chose that it was better not to continue.

“The thing I always demand is respect. I respect everybody and have a history in the sport and I believe people need to respect me. When they cross that line of respect is when they don’t really understand what happens.

“And things happen to them that they never imagined would happen. To me, you have to keep respect. When you don’t, not good things are going to happen to you.”

Should Okami be worried? Could we see an emotional Silva at UFC 134: Rio on August 27?