“The British fans are very knowledgeable and passionate about MMA. I would love to fight there once more,” Anderson Silva told ESPN.

“Michael Bisping is very impressive. He’s been in the UFC for a long time now and beaten some very good fighters. It would be an honour to fight him, perhaps in England.

“He is fast, is very busy and makes adjustments quickly. I am the champion of the world, not just Brazil or America. Being a world champion means taking on the best fighters from around the world all over the world.

“If the chance came I would like to fight Bisping in the UK if that’s what the UFC put together.”

Silva has history of fighting in the UK, having contested four Cage Rage bouts on English soil, predictably winning all four. A Silva v Bisping match-up could sell out just about any arena in the UK, and the Brazilian would be excited by the challenge.

Source: ESPN.CO.UK