Silva walked away from UFC 134: Rio with yet another highlight reel finish of a top contender for his belt recently. Following the win Silva spoke with Brazilian publication Veja. During that interview Silva was asked about his health in the fight.

“A month before the fight I injured my shoulder while training with Junior dos Santos and I was feeling a lot of pain in Rio. I had to take some medicine and warn the athletic commission about it. I’ve talked to my doctors. I had an MRI and then I started feeling pains in my shoulder but the doctors let me go and said it was not that serious,” Silva says. “It’s a small injury, but I guess it’s on the [rotator] cuff and bothers me. I’ll rest for a while and get healed.”

Curious to what that pain killer could be, as the fighting commissions usually do not allow any effective pain killers short of ibuprofren, and acetaminophen. Further, there is not currently a commission in Rio, Brazil, leaving the UFC responsible to regulate themselves. Did they give their champ some breathing space in Rio?