First Strikeforce welterweight champion, Nick Diaz says he’s looking for a boxing match, now UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva tells MMAFighting he would like to leave MMA to box his hero Roy Jones Jr.

“Maybe finish my contract for UFC, finish my fights in MMA, I’ll go,” Silva said Monday on The MMA Hour. “This is my goal for my career. It’s my dream — is to fight Roy Jones and boxing.”

Would Dana White let his top pound-for-pound fighter walk away from the promotion without an enticing offer? Probably not. When asked about a possible bout with a different Jones, namely Jon Jones in a super-fight, Silva circled the question.

“Sometimes I look at Jon Jones fight and I remember me when I started to fight.” Silva said. “I remember. I like Jon Jones. He’s a good guy. He has great focus for training, for working. That’s it. My opinion is Jon Jones is staying with the belt for a long time.”

As if that was not enough of a shock from the man that may go down in the books as the Michael Jordan of MMA, Silva finished off saying he has no plans on moving up any longer and will finish out his career in middleweight.

“I finish my career in my class,” said Silva .