Anderson Silva, UFC middleweight champ, made sure that all his fans know there is no bad blood between him and Vitor Belfort and that he’s ready to take on Demian Maia at UFC 112.

Silva will be attempting his sixth title defense when he takes on Maia, on April 1oth in Abu Dhabi. Vitor Belfort was originally supposed to have a fight with Silva for the main event, but had to withdraw early this year due to a bad shoulder injury. Maia was then made Silva’s replacement soon after.

And even though rumors circulated that Silva wasn’t too happy about having to face Belfort for his belt, made it clear that he’s all business in the Octagon.

“Vitor, like me, is a professional fighter in the UFC, and [we] have to be ready to go in there and do our job, and that’s what I’m going to do,” Silva said.

But when it comes to his personal feelings towards Belfort, it’s a different story for Silva.

For a short time Belfort trained with Silva’s Brazilian MMA team, “Black House” and Silva even stated in 2006,”Belfort is a friend of mine.” When rumors began to surface in 2009 that he would be facing Belfort, Silva questioned how valid the rumors were, and refused to talk about it in an interview this past October.

After the two were scheduled to fight at UFC 108, where Silva had to withdraw for elbow surgery, they rebooked for UFC 112. And around that same time, Silva stated in several interviews that he and Belfort were never friends.

At a photo session earlier this year, for their then upcoming fight in Abu Dhabi, Belfort told Tatame that Silva seemed “upset or nervous” when the two had a staredown for one of the pictures.

During a teleconference with MMA Junkie again reiterated his feelings towards Belfort;

“Nothing really changed,” he said. “I know who my friends and my training partners are. Vitor did train in the same space as I did, but it only went as far as that.”

So despite his seeming “issues” with Vitor Belfort, Silva said he is ready and looking forward to his bout with Demian Maia. He stated that he loves being the champ and wants to keep his belt for as long as he can, as well as maybe taking the belt in other weight classes…

“I love being the champion,” he said. “It’s what makes me happy and it’s what motivates me to get the training and get back in the octagon. My goal is to put on as many great fights in the UFC as I can throughout the three divisions; middleweight, light heavyweight, and possibly heavyweight. … I feel that everybody in the camp, their goal is to have me retire with as many victories in the UFC as possible and having make history inside the octagon.”