After his questionable performance at UFC 112, Anderson Silva surprisingly appeared on a Brazilian talk-show yesterday with his most recent opponent, Demain Maia.

As usual, Silva tried to play it safe in the interview, and at one point even giving his respect to Maia by saying that Maia’s mat skills were better than his.

“I think I fought well, executed my game plan and disrupted Demian’s game,” said Silva. “I couldn’t fall to his game because he’s a Brazilian jiu jitsu specialist. Even though I train BJJ as well, I don’t even come close to his BJJ level.”

And despite what he said after the fight, Silva pressed that held no grudges on Maia or any of his opponents for that matter.

“I have nothing against any of my opponents,” Silva said. “I have nothing against Demian. I respect his work a lot.”

But Maia on the other hand wasn’t settling for Silva’s apparent respect for him, and wouldn’t give any clues to his feelings about the fighter.

“I don’t have much to say, it was what happened,” Maia said. “The fans saw what happened.”

I don’t blame Maia for not taking Silva’s “apology.”  It appears to me that Silva doesn’t feel the least bit bad about the fight and is only saying those things to get back on Dana White’s good side as well as the fans.

The videos are shown below, part one, two and three