Anderson Silva’s fight with Demain Maia at UFC 112, has been talked about non-stop for the past two weeks. Pretty much all big names in the MMA world have given their two-cents as well many fans. But what about Silva himself? He hasn’t been exactly clear on what happened during the fight, as well as going back and forth with his feelings on Maia. But yet another interview with “The Spider” by Brazilian news source Portal Do Vale Tudo hopefully will shine a little more light on the fighter and his actions.

“There was a moment just staring at the parade as a fight and said things like, ‘You did not say that spider has eight legs and was going to pick up one? Hurry up, get playboy.’ I called him a playboy, yes,” said Silva.

And apparently in Brazil the term ‘playboy’ is offensive and means that someone is spoiled or childish. And from what the forums have been saying, it appears that the fight has gotten a lot of press in Brazil as well, where many fans are upset by Silva’s behavior and actions. But Silva seems to feel that this sort of ‘showboating’ has it’s place in the sport.

“Mike Tyson was also provocative and always has been criticized,” said Silva. “If all this had passed and I lost the fight, it would be worse. But I came home with the belt, without a pinch, a scratch, nothing. “[The] Spider” did what he always does: I went there, fought and won.”

One thing that Silva said several times in post-fight interviews is that Maia wasn’t showing him the proper ‘respect.’ And Silva, being the so-called best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, by Dana White, feels that he definitely deserves a certain level of respect from his opponents. He obviously wasn’t feeling that from Maia.

“I can’t say that I lost my control,” said Silva. “Serious, I wouldn’t do that again, or better, I would do that in a different way. I tried to show to the people, and especially for Demian, that I’m not there to┬áhave fun. I did not get there for free. I’m a four-time world champion.”

So while I’m sure most MMA fans agree, there needs to be some entertainment value to any fight, but the question is, when does it go from entertainment mixed with skill to just a plain joke?