Up to defend his belt for a sixth time, Anderson Silva, must now defeat Demain Maia. Originally supposed to fight fellow Brazilian, Vitor Belfort, Silva’s bout was changed when his oppenent had to drop out due to a shoulder injury. Belfort was soon replaced with the dangerous jiu-jitsu master, Demian Maia. But how will Silva, a dangerous striker deal with the change?

“I really didn’t have that much time to change that, but a fight is a fight and I’m prepared to go in there,” said Silva recently.

Although Silva has gone up to 205 in the past to look for a new challenge, he feels that his place is in the middleweight division, defending his belt.

“I’m  middleweight champion and I have to train to defend that belt,” said Silva. “That’s what I feel I need to do is to keep fighting in my own weight class and defending the belt that I own. As the champion and if I want to remain the champion at middleweight I still have to defend my belt.”

One of the main reasons that Silva came back to middleweight, is that he feels that he is nowhere near close to cleaning out all of the best challengers in the weight class. Including his most recent opponent, Demain Maia.

“I’m actually far from cleaning out my division. I feel that there may be guys that are even better than me coming into the UFC,” said Silva “And proof that there’s tough guys in my division is Demian Maia right now. We’re going to have a great fight. It’s going to be a big fight, a big challenge for me.”

But Silva makes it clear that he wants to be the real ultimate fighter (pun intended). He also made it very clear that he loves what he does and feels most at home inside the cage. And good thing for Anderson’s fans, it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere soon.