Following an amazing performance by featherweight champ Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick at UFC 129, many questioned Aldo’s lack of a finish as he has been known for. Aldo in his post-fight interviews gave no excuse to his performance and credited the close fight to Hominick’s skill-set . However Aldo’s trainer Andre Pederneairas has added more insight, telling about an infection the champ was fighting off simultaneously.

“He suffered a cut on his toe [on April 23] and it got infected with bacteria,” said Pederneiras. “He went through heavy medical treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills from Sunday to Tuesday. He took the heavy dosage so that he wouldn’t have to take more drugs closer to the fight.”

“I can’t say whether [the fact Aldo took antibiotics] affected his performance. I’m not a doctor,” said Pederneiras. “I prefer to give credit to Hominick’s effort for taking the fight that deep, rather than saying if the medicine affected him or not.”

Pederneiras then went on to talk about who’s next for the champ.

“I think it will be against Chad Mendes,” Pederneiras says of Aldo’s next fight, “but Diego and everyone from Nova União knows that if they have to fight against each other, they will. I just don’t know how we would manage it, but they know they’re fighters and it’s their job. If the boss orders it, we’ll work on that situation. They’ll fight against whoever they’re matched with.”