UFC middleweight Aaron Simpson who has been preparing for a potential fight with Dave Branch at Ultimate Fight Night 22, is now recovering from an operation done late last night to help ease  a mystery infection.

After his usual sparring session with teammate Ryan Bader last Thursday, Simpson was surprised by an ache in nose the following morning. He went to the doctor the same day, but by Saturday, the infection had spread to his elbow. After almost a week of battling this unknown sickness, a operation was performed and Simpson is currently recovering in the hospital.

His doctors are now growing the culture to help determine what this strange infection is. Simpson himself described feeling “miserable” with an 103 fever. The fighter will be held in the hospital for 2-3 days for observation, and will have to have an IV going into his heart for another six weeks. Unfortunately the illness will not allow Simpson to train and will knock him out of his bout in September.

Get well soon Aaron!