“The People’s Champ” Tito Ortiz (16-10-1) vs. Forrest Griffin (18-7-0)

The history between these two fighters is well documented. The first fight between the pair lead Ortiz to get a rematch with the champion Chuck Liddell and their second fight ended with Griffin getting the win. Both ended in split decisions, so a third match was inevitable. With Tito retiring after this fight, a win is important, and with Forrest already coming off a loss, another one would be detrimental.

Tito is done, and he’s okay with it. He has said leading up to this fight that he has accomplished everything he wanted to in the sport, but the last match with Griffin left a bad taste in his mouth. Ortiz wanted this fight to prove he was the better fighter between the two, and to go out on a win.

Griffin has had his ups and downs since losing the title. Knockout losses to Anderson Silva and Shogun Rua sandwich wins over an undersized Rich Franklin and Ortiz himself. He has already stated that he is done as a top contender, but wishes to continue to fight and test up and comers.  No one can question how this fight will go, but you can guarantee it will be a good one.

The Bottom Line: The determination of Tito wanting to go out on a win will be his driving point as he defeats Griffin via unanimous decision, based on his aggression and control.