This weekend the UFC makes its first foray into the Asian mainland market. In doing so they have brought a lot of local talent, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring some exciting fights as well. In this fight you have a former Pride lightweight champion taking on an Ultimate Fighter winner. Both of these fighters have secured their spot within the UFC by winning their last fights, but neither of them are near the top of the division. This is just an intriguing match between two veterans of the sport.

Gomi was once thought to be a king among the lightweight division. While some point to his submission loss to Marcus Aurelio as his turning point toward a downfall, it is truly his submission loss to Nick Diaz that broke his stereotype of invincibility. The fall of Pride lead to his eventually signing by the UFC, and even though most consider him past his prime, he has been able to put on a violent vintage finish as of late. His knockout of Tyson Griffin was one of the best highlight reel finishes in his career. Now he has a chance to prove himself against a submission specialist in Danzig who owns nearly half his wins by submission.

Mac Danzig looked invincible at one point as well, until he suffered a loss in one of the last Pride fight cards. He was able to win the Ultimate Fighter and his next fight, but then his luck turned by going 2-5 in his next seven fights. Luckily, one of those wins was a highlight reel finish knockout over Joe Stevenson. That finish combined with a a win over Ultimate Fighter winner in Efrain Escudero has secured his spot for now. He just needs to avoid the hands of Gomi, wear him down, and look to finish him on the ground.

The Bottom Line:

Mac Danzig has this fight as long as he avoids the power of Gomi. Honestly, at this point Gomi’s striking is not what it used to be, and his cardio could undo him in the third round and make him very submittable.