Patrick “HD” Barry (7-4-0) vs. Lavar “Big” Johnson (16-5-0)

Two behemoth strikers meet in the cage this Saturday night as Pat Barry and Lavar Johnson hook them up in what should be an exciting match. With a combined 23 wins between the two, and 20 by way of TKO or knockout, it’s safe to say how this match will go. Many people have said either of them will take it to the ground since both fighters are green there, but I doubt it will reach there as both will be looking for the finish on the feet.

Pat Barry has not had the most prolific UFC career mismatching wins and losses, but it has been an exciting one. Pat is going to be the faster fighter in this fight, and he has to use that to his advantage. He cannot get pushed up against the fence like Beltran did against Johnson. He needs to circle away and use his kicks to win this match. Lavar most likely has more power than Barry, but he does not have the speed or experience with kicks.

When Lavar came into the UFC and everyone expected for the new slimmed down Joey Beltran to show him there is a difference in the caliber of opponents in the organization. The problem is that Lavar did what no one else in the UFC could do, and he knocked Beltran out. It’s no doubt that Lavar has more power than Pat. At 6 foot 4, 252 pound Lavar looks like he can put it on anyone. He needs to take away the kicks from Barry and put him against the cage. From there, dirty box and start dropping bombs on him.

The Bottom Line: Barry knows what he needs to do in this fight, and he knows how to stay off the fence. While he is the smaller fighter he will not be outgunned as he has more tools. Look for a few scary moments in the first, but after quite a few leg kicks land, Lavar will fall to Berry by the end of the second.