Miguel Torres (40-4-0) vs. Michael “Mayday” McDonald (14-1-0)

This is the classical passing of the torch fight. A young up and coming fighter takes on a veteran and former champion of the sport. The veteran in this case is former WEC Bantamweight champion Miguel Torres who looks to build off his win over Nick Pace. Michael McDonald will try to stop that run and move himself to 5-0 under Zuffa companies.

When Torres lost his belt he suffered his first knockout loss, and in his next fight was submitted for the first time as well. Before those fights Torres had been self-trained. Since that time he has been linked to famed trainers like Mark DellaGrotte, and with GSP’s home camp of Tristar in Canada. This has proven to evolve his game in grappling, and striking far beyond his abilities before.

McDonald will need to keep this fight standing if he wants to win. Given Torres has the six inch reach over his challenger, McDonald already holds eight knockouts on his record. He will need to keep it off the ground where Torres will have the advantage with submissions, and longer limbs that can give the advantages in wrapping up an opponent.

The Bottom Line: Torres has not been the same fighter since his knockout at the hands of Brian Bowles. He has lost to top competition, and has looked poorly against B level fighters. McDonald may have not fought competitors at the caliber of Torres, but this is a fight where we see what a prospect is made of. McDonald by TKO in the second round.