Michael “The Count” Bisping (22-4-0) vs. Brian “The All American” Stann (12-4-0)

 What is the one thing these two fighters have in common? They both failed in their fights agains Chael Sonnen. What is the one thing that is different about those two bouts? Michel Bisping came very close to winning, while Stann was submitted. That does not mean that bisping is a lock to win this fight, but it does mean that there is at least a range to measure these two fighters off of.

Michael Bisping has always professed to be a top fighter in the UFC, but he has yet to prove it. Every time he fights a top fighter he losses. Whether it is Dan Henderson or Chael Sonnen he has lost, and that means that he has never really beaten a top ten fighter. I am sorry, but Dan Miller, Jorge Rivera, and Jason Day are not top fighters. Brian Stann will be a step in the right direction, but he will have to beat him convincingly. Chris Weidman on the other hand finished Mark Munoz, and Tim Boestch knocked out Yushin Okami. To be considered for a title shot he needs an equally impressive win.

Brian Stann is at least a finisher having knocked out Chris Leben, Jorge Santiago, and Alessio Sakara. While beating Chris Leben is not what it used to be when Stann stopped him only Anderson Silva had stopped him as well. So, Brian has the ability to knockout Bisping, but he needs to keep it on the feet to do so. Plus, Stann is the consummate athlete having focused on nothing but this bout, while Bisping has spent recent efforts arguing with flyweights.

The Bottom Line:

At this point Stann has the bigger upside. Despite what Bisping tried to convince you of – look for him to not finish Bisping, but to win  convincingly over three rounds.