Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (20-6-0) vs. Brandon “The Truth” Vera (12-5-0-1)

Brandon Vera has been handed the biggest opportunity of his career. Once in contention for the heavyweight title, Vera has not seen a contenders fight in years. He promised to shock the world with an upset victory over Shogun, but his opponent has other plans. Shogun has to be impressive in this victory, because he wants his belt back and will beat anyone to prove it. Only one can back up their predictions…

Shogun has always been a top contender, despite his 4-4 record in the UFC, as his accolades in the sport rise him above most fighters. The biggest problem for Shogun has been his injuries. Even at the young age of 30 he has undergone multiple knee surgeries. When he came back and fought Mark Coleman after knee surgery he looked slow and rigid. After the full recovery he was phenomenal in his KO over Chuck Liddell. Unfortunately, he came back from knee surgery once again to face Jon Jones for his light heavyweight title. He didn’t look good, but his destruction of Forrest Griffin and close five round war with Dan Henderson proved for him to be a different fighter. A rematch with Jon Jones could go a lot differently.

Many people believe that Brandon Vera has no grounds to be in the cage with Shogun, and especially not with Jones again. It only took one round for Jones to beat Vera the first time, fracturing his skull in multiple locations. The problem is if he destroys Shogun, like he says he will, then he has proven to be a different fighter. The question is whether he really can follow through on that proclamation. Hopefully, for his sake, he can follow through and finally make good on his desire to be a champion.

The Bottom Line: This is a gimmie fight for Shogun, and if he cannot pass it he does not deserve his rematch. He will have no problem gaining a first round finish against Vera, and Shogun will get his rematch with Jon Jones or Dan Henderson shortly.