Matt “The Hammer” Hamill (10-4-0) vs. Roger “The Hulk” Hollett (13-3-0)

While Matt Hamill’s record may make him unassuming, you have to remember all but one of his fights have come in the octagon. Plus, all of his losses came to top fighters still in the UFC. Roger on the other hand has lost to many fighters who have always been on the cusp of potential, and his addition to the roster may have a few scratching their heads. He will have a chance to prove his worth here as well, because with a win over the returning Hamill he may secure his spot in the octagon.

Matt Hamill retired because of injuries, but time heals all wounds as he is back to fighting. With notable wins over Tito Ortiz, Keith Jardine, Mark Munoz, Tim Boestch, and the only man to have a win over current champ Jon Jones, Hamill comes in with quite a resume. The question is at the age of 35 and with over a year off can he make another run at the top? That is something he will need to face when in the cage with Hollett.

Roger Hollett is getting the chance of  lifetime when he steps into the octagon. He had this chance stolen from him once due to contract disputes, but an injury to his replacement left room for him to return to the fight. Hopefully, he was still training in that down time, because he will need to be running on all cylinders to face the refreshed Hamill. He will need to keep this fight standing or be able to submit from off his back as Matt will be looking to use his ground and pound. If Roger can finish this fight he will be standing as only the second fighter to finish the Hammer.

The Bottom Line:

Hamill may have not fought in a year, but that will not affect him as he will outclass Roger. Look for a second round TKO due to ground and pound in his return tot he octagon.