Joseph “Joe B-Wan Kenobi” Benavidez (16-2-0) vs. Demetrious “Might Mouse” Johnson (15-2-1)

The UFC will add a new title to its collection today. After the initial hiccup of a draw discovered after poor officiating, the two best 125’ers on the planet are set to hook-it-up tomorrow night. Whoever wins will be crowned the first ever flyweight champion, and the other will have lost out on a title for the second time as both men have come up short challenging for the bantamweight title in the past. Both fighters have their upside, but only one can win.

Joe is definitely the finisher of the two, having finished 12 of his 16 opponents; while Johnson has only finished nine of 15. He will have a tough time finishing Johnson though as both of them have only two losses in their career with neither coming by way of finish. This fight will take place all over in the course of the five rounds. Joe most likely has the advantage standing, and the advantage with submissions, having submitted black belts.

Demetrious on the other hand is probably the quickest fighter in the UFC. While Joe has the power Johnson has the speed. If he can use movement and get away without getting caught he can steal rounds. Plus, he has very good wrestling, and he has a great submission defense. So, Demetrious will need to utilize his speed and wrestling to win the rounds, because he has a small chance of  finishing this fight.

The Bottom Line:

While both of these fighters are great, Joseph has proven to be the better fighter. Earning a knockout in his last fight, and submitting two black belts has proven that he has what it takes to be a champion. Look for him to take this fight on the judges scorecards at the end of  a five round war.