Jon Fitch fights for the first time in twenty months and that last bout only lasted about twelve-seconds. On the other hand, Erick has not had a UFC bout go past the first round, and has steadily been increasing the level of opposition. In this match it could be a passing of the torch with Jon Fitch being the veteran and stalwart of 170, and Silva looking to contend with the top. He will have to get past Fitch to do so, but that is something that only two men have done in the octagon. Come Saturday we will find out if Erick will be the third man to defeat Fitch in the confines of the octagon.

Jon Fitch has always done well in the UFC, but he has never been able to attain super stardom because of his style. In fact, Jon has not finished anyone in nearly five years. Supposedly, Jon has decided to be more of an entertainer than a fighter, because he said that he has learned that MMA is also an entertainment sport. That is what he has said, but he will have to prove it in this fight. His lack of entertainment value has always kept him back. If he is able to show more finishes he actually may earn another shot at the title sooner than it took him the first time.

Erick Silva has been called the next big thing in the welterweight division, and he has been proving that every time he enters the cage. While his UFC record stands at 2-1, the loss was a bad call by a ref, and it only lasted thirty-seconds anyway. In his last match he took on Charlie Brenneman and the only way that match went any different is that it took a little over four minutes to finish. If he can do the same to Fitch then he will be in major consideration for another top fighter, because with that type of power it seems he can knock out anybody.

The Bottom Line:

Ben Bieker’s Prediction
Erick Silva may have been able to catch Fitch off guard if he had not been knocked out in his last fight. The loss to Hendricks will cause him to not be as open on the feet. Look for Fitch to TKO Silva in the third round.

Joe Rocha’s Prediction
Erick Silva is carrying the momentum and the explosiveness that can not be stopped right now. Not only does Fitch have the critics on his back to prove he can strike, but he is dealing with a long layoff, causing ring rust and stressful financial issues. Look for Fitch to attempt to try his best to strike, only to be caught by Silva’s kicks.  Fitch will be the first to take Silva out of the first round in the UFC, but he will not make it out of the second round.