This fight just got about ten times more interesting, because even though it was thought the winner of this would get a title shot, it has now been confirmed. With the title shot on the line it must make people think how it will change the flow of this fight with more implications now involoved. Will Jussier be one of the only people to have one fight in the octagon before he gets the title shot? All those questions and more will be answered Friday night. As for now, who looks to be the better pick before the fight actually happens.

John Dodson has looked phenomenal since entering the Ultimate Fighter. Never once has he really ever been in trouble, even when fighting up a weight class at 135. He has stated that he wants to make the fight with now champion Demetrious Johnson so that people can see the “fastest fight ever” happen in the octagon. He has to get through Jussier to make it happen and that is no small task despite their weights. Dodson will be best when keeping this fight upright as he has some real power in his hands. Jussier meanwhile has never knocked anyone out, but he is a wiz on the ground.

So, in essence Jussier needs to get this fight to the ground. His best chance is getting a submission, or at least controlling the fight from the mat. As a Nova Uniao fighter he has the ability to train with two world champions in Renan Barao and Jose Aldo. So his striking should be coming a long nicely, but for someone just learning it is not preferred to test your standup on Dodson. John is quick and powerful, and if this fight stays standing it has knockout written all over it.

The Bottom Line:

John Dodson has proven to already be a contender, and has the UFC jitters out of the way. Jussier on the other hand has never fought in the octagon, and that could play a big factor in this fight. Look for Dodson to win this decision soundly.