Jim Miller (21-3-0) vs. Nate Diaz (15-7-0)

This fight will undoubtedly be the most important fight in Nate’s career to date. With a win over Jim Miller, he will earn himself a title shot against the winner of Ben Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar. Jim on the other hand could not be guaranteed the same as he has suffered a recent loss to the current champion, but he will secure himself as a top five lightweight in the world. Both of these fighters have a lot to prove in this fight, and the UFC is putting a lot of faith in their abilities by putting them as the main event on the nationally television Fox card.

Jim Miller does not want to be known as one of the greatest fighters to never get a belt, but as of right now he is. With a record of 10-2 in the UFC, and his only three losses coming by fighters widely considered to be the top two lightweight in the world, Jim truly is a great fighter. His short comings have come because he was out-muscled in his fight against Benson, which he reportedly later admitted to having a kidney infection during the bout. In this fight, he will not have to deal as much with the strength, but the height and reach advantage of Nate Diaz.

Nate will face his one downfall in this fight, wrestling. Nate has always been beat by wrestler whether it is at the 170 lb division or  155 lb. He will need to prove that he can’t be held down by Jim if he is to fight for the title against Frankie Edgar or Benson Henderson. Nate does not need to go to the ground in this fight since he will not be able to out-wrestle Jim. He could test out his guard, but may not be the best tactic, as Miller is a fellow black-belt in jiu-jitsu as well. Diaz will want to keep it standing, and use his reach and enduring pace to frustrate Miller.

The Bottom Line: This match will be all Miller as he takes it by third round TKO.