Hector “Lightning” Lombard (31-2-1-1) vs. Tim “The Barbarian” Boestch (15-4-0)

Hector lombard is coming to the UFC with more hype than any fighter in recent memory. His style, finishing rate, and long win streak speak volumes about the fighter he is. The problem is many fighters and pundits alike don’t take him serious since he has never fought in the UFC. In contrast, Tim Boetsch lacks hype and is not seen as a top contender for reasons unknown.

Hector comes from a judo base which is not seen too much in MMA. The throws are obviously effective, but people would point to wrestling as the more successful base to have. He augments his judo with great striking, and phenomenal power along with a BJJ black belt. Lombard seems to be a complete fighter, but no one has ever seen him on his back. If Boestch can utilize his wrestling he may have an advantage.

Boestch’s biggest asset does not come from power, abilities, or stature, but from his pure will to win. This was first seen in his victory over David Heath when he essentially pulled off a superhuman feat of throwing Heath on his head. Second, was his victory over Yushin Okami where he got dominated for two rounds, but pulled it out in the third. He’s going to need that going into this bout.

The Bottom Line: Originally, I thought Lombard was going to walk right through Boestch, but the closer the fight gets, Hector seems be looking past him which could be an issue. Even one of Lombard’s coaches said they don’t worry about Tim’s power. Overconfidence will be the problem here as Boestch wins by decision.