Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier (12-1-0) vs. “The Korean Zombie” Chan-sung Jung (12-3-0)

In a fight, for what could be considered a number one contenders shot, we have two red hot fighters competing in the octagon. Coming off two impressive wins with one never seen before submission, and a twelve second knockout, Chan-Sung Jung will look to continue his streak in this fight. Dustin, under the tutelage of Tim Creduer, will look to bring the fight to Jung no matter where the fight goes.

Both these fighters are clearly efficient in all aspects of the game. The edge in wrestling has to be given to Dustin, as he has been able to beat wrestlers of high quality. Jung has three losses when looking at his record, but the loss to Leonard Garcia is one that has been seen as a bad decision by the judges. He also avenged that loss with the aforementioned submission. The other loss was a knockout at the legs of George Roop, but luckily for him, Poirier does not posses the range of Roop. Dustin on the other hand, has never loss at 145.

When the cage door closes on these two, this fight could easily go either way. Will Poirier and his wrestling centric attack win? Or will Jung and his submission skills take the fight? Who knows, but whoever wins will need to easily put on the best performance of his career.

The Bottom Line: Dustin is smart enough and able enough to stay out of the submissions when it hits the ground. He also should be able to take this fight down if need be. Look for Dustin to control this fight standing and on the ground en route to a decision win.