For those of you that have not heard how Big Nog was added to this card, it was a display of the original mentality of fighters in the past era. When the UFC contacted  Anderson Silva to take the main event on very short notice at this weekends pay-per-view where he was filming a television commercial, Antonio Nogueira happened to be right next to him. As both men learned how the Brazil card had fallen apart they both quickly agreed to fight in order to save the card, no matter how little of time they had to prepare. Much respect is given to Silva and Nogueira for stepping up so quickly and the same can be said for their opponents Stephan Bonnar and Dave Herman.

Antonio Nogueira is the only man to hold titles in Pride and the UFC, but his string of luck in the octagon has not been the best. Injuries have gotten the best of him, and were supposedly the reason for his loss to Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez. The second loss to Mir came out of pure stubbornness, despite his knockout win over Brendan Schaub which gave hope of a revived champion. If he had left the fight standing or tapped to Mir he would have never been out another year. He obviously has the hands to knock people out, but not the chin to sustain punishment any longer. His best bet is on the ground in this fight.

Dave Herman may have had a stellar record before entering the UFC, but his chin and antics have failed him. From the pink Scarves to the two knockout losses in a row, showing us that something needs to change. Plus, for a man who says he does not believe in jiu-jitsu, he may have problems with a black belt. Herman will have a lot to prove in this fight, and may be looking for a new job with a third straight loss. Dave needs to utilize his speed in this fight, and he needs to keep it standing at all cost.

The Bottom Line:

Look for Big Nog to win this fight with ease. He will pressure Herman to the cage, take him down, and submit him in the first round.