Anderson “The Spider” Silva (31-4-0) vs. Chael Sonnen (27-11-1)

The predictions on this fight vary so much that it is hard to know what to believe. Will Anderson earn a first round knockout? Will Sonnen dominate Anderson majority of the fight again? I’m not sure what will happen, but what is known is that this feud is not manufactured. Sonnen’s continued talking and remarks have finally boiledl over. With the intense stare down at the press conference, the shoulder bump at the weigh-ins and Anderson vowing to break Chael’s teeth you know that this is a battle of true adversaries.

Anderson is known for his stand up ability. They say that ability coupled with his new found rage will end badly for Sonnen, and that Chael may be hitting the canvas by the end of the first round. The problem is that Chael has never been stopped by punches. There is a first time for everything, but when a person has only been stopped by a cut and his corner throwing in the towel, what are the chances? According to stats, Anderson does not need to worry about the knockout; he needs to worry about not being taken down. He cannot end up on the bottom with Chael on top again. Unless he can pull off another submission his night will not end well if he cannot defend the shot.

For Chael, he may talk a lot, but he has proven in his actions to be a professional athlete none the less. Though he usually will not voice it, he respects his opponents skill, but he has already proven he can win a fight against Anderson. That is if he does not get submitted. With 8 of 11 losses coming by way of submission, it has been known for a while what Chael’s weakness is. Hopefully, Sonnen training over the last two years will help him avoid Anderson’s submissions. Beyond that he just needs to continue the domination he showed in the first fight through all five rounds of this fight.

The Bottom Line: If Chael wins this fight then the division is even more intriguing than is Anderson continues his stranglehold. Unfortunately, I believe seeing what Chael has to offer will make him more prepared, and he will catch Chael with a submission by the third round.

The Bottom Line by Joe Rocha: After hearing the camps rumblings behind the scenes, there is two things I am sure of… Sonnen has embedded himself deep into Silva’s head, and secondly – the champ truly feels threatened. Silva has done well in the past out of anger, but when cardio is on the level of Sonnen’s, it’s much harder to get the flash knockout. Sonnen will take damage, but will complete his needed takedowns. With Sonnen’s improved ground game, and intense motivation, I’m buying the hype. Sonnen pulls out the unanimous decision win, eluding the submission this time. This opens the door to a trilogy fight where I could see Silva regaining his title with a few tweaks to his gameplan.