If you haven’t heard, there’s a new MMA reality drama show on Nuvo TV called “Fight Factory.” The show covers the camp of American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) in San Jose, CA – home of top athletes such as Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, Jon Fitch, champ Luke Rockhold and formerly Josh Koscheck. The series gives a real inside look at the fighters day-to-day struggles from the gym, to the cage and more. The show is compelling to MMA fans and non-fans alike as the team deals with not just fighter problems, but human problems as well. Just make sure to give the first two episodes a try, as the intro episode looks to be a ramp up to what the series is to become.

If you’re like me and your Satellite provider (DirecTV) doesn’t carry Nuvo TV, you can check it out at hulu.com/fight-factory as well.

Episode One:
Now for the recap. The show opens up prior to UFC on Fox as the camp thrives in Cain Velasquez’s new found UFC heavyweight title. Fighter Mark Ellis prepares for battle in Pro Elite after coming off a loss. We are introduced to AKA head coach Javier Mendez as he talks about the struggles of running a gym and coaching. We see an old familiar face in Phil Baroni as he deals with the fears of a looming retirement. The team’s upper echelon fighters – Koscheck, Velasquez and Fitch take a break from the gym to do some exotic race car driving in Las Vegas. The show winds down as Ellis loses another fight in Pro Elite, leading him to want to quit the sport – something coach Vasquez does not want to allow Ellis to do.

Episode Two:
Introducing Wayne Phillips (5-4), a former Strikeforce fighter out of the gym prepares for battle by working his wrestling. Wayne is said to be a struggling Father to a seven year old daughter, teaching a children’s class at AKA for income. Mainstay in the episode, Baroni visits his mother to ask her to come to his fight, unfortunately she is not willing to join him. Cut to Fresno, where we learn there’s been a fallout with Koshcheck and coach Mendez. Koscheck has started his own training camp ‘Dethrone base camp’ in preparation for Johny Hendricks, but is struggling to find sparring partners. Long time friend and training partner Fitch makes the drive down on the weekend with his new born and wife. Returning to Phillips’ story heĀ  goes to battle in the cage. He loses a unanimous decision after struggling to dictate the action for three rounds. Mendez disappointed, reminds the camera that Wayne is now 5-5 in his career. Wayne returns to his loving daughter who even after hearing of his loss is happy to have her Father back uninjured.

Will be keeping you updated with future episodes as well, so stay tuned and check CagedInsider.com for recaps and discussions.