Could it really be true?! A well known media source made the report that Fedor Emelianenko may very well be moving to the UFC, most likely in the summer.

­“I can tell you the timing of my next bout right now, it’s going to be June or July.”

The venue has not been set, but Fedor himself said it will definitely be in the United States, not his home country of Russia.

“Of course, I want to compete at home, in front of my countrymen, but at the moment, the strongest and most respected MMA organization is situated in America. It’s the UFC. Therefore, I have to go to the US in order to face the strongest opponents.”

So the next question is, who would “The Last Emperor” fight if he moved to the UFC? Many reports have suggested possible bouts against Josh Barnett or Cain Velasquez.

“I really sympathize with Josh, and we’ve been friends for a long time. Perhaps, he is the only fighter whom I wouldn’t want to meet in the ring.”

Source: RT